Social and Moral Activities



Through these activities we give some social awareness and general awareness for our children.

  • Competitions:
  • The participants were from IV –VI grade .10th and college children attended quiz program(General knowledge).

  • Child Parliament:
  • Child Parliament is formed with 30 children.Ministers were elected among them. They lead the project activities and develop the leadership quality.

  • National Festival:
  • We celebrated Independence Day, Teacher’s day, Children’s Day, Founder’s day and Republic day in a grand manner our children participated in all these celebration.

  • Counseling:
  • Resource person gave speech on self confidence, carrier guidance, morality, discipline and leadership quality. It was very useful to our children.

  • Cultural Program:
  • Street play about women’s welfare and rights was conducted in the community. Many parents and adolescent children were benifited.

  • Field trip:
  • Field trip was arranged for all the children they enjoyed all the events and natural sceneries.

  • Child Rights:
  • Child rights was explained through drama to our children and their parents in which resource people demonstrated about child labour, child marriage, big family system, and dowry system.



Many activities were conducted to enhance moral values in each child’s life

  • Teen Club:
  • Teen’s club is being conducted on every first and last Thursday of the month. This club has been formed specially with the intention of developing spirituality among our teen aged children.

  • Retreats:
  • Retreats are conducted to all the children according to their age group. Special resource team will be invited to organize the retreats.

  • Compassion Founder’s day:
  • Compassion Founder’s day was celebrated grandly with the intension of developing the attitude of helping others from the child hood.

  • Competitions:
  • Competitions such as Verses Recitation, Story Telling and Skit Competition were conducted for all the children according to their age. Competitions are conducted toencourage the children in learning the scripture with interest. Prizes are awarded to the children who performed well in the competitions.