Physical Development


The popular proverb says, “Health is Wealth”, as it indicates we have planned our physical activities for the physique development of our children.


The main goal of the physical program is “. All the children must enjoy physical well-being and good health practices.”


We conducted ample of activities for the children.

Curriculum classes:

We conducted curriculum class for the benefit of our children in different topics.

Elocution competition:

The children gave a speech on different health related topics. Children learnt about various diseases, and became aware of dreadful sickness

Health Screening:

We conducted two health screening program on two different dates. It was conducted for the benefit of our children. The objective of this program is to know the health status, height and the deficiency of our children.

Medical Camp:

This medical camp was organized for the benefit of children,all the children participated in this camp; Necessary treatment was given to the sick children.

Awareness Programs:

We conducted many awareness programs on social evils.

Early marriage:

Awareness on Consequences of early marriage was given to the children and parents.

Personal Hygiene:

This program communicated importance of personal hygiene and the consequences of clean environment.

Parents meetings:

We organized parents meeting regarding De-addition in which many parents participated. Parents understood the bad effects of taking alcohol.Ten of our parents received free De-addiction treatment.


On the whole, our children learnt and understood plenty of new aspects related with physical development.Our children are strictly following the physical tips that they learnt from various physical program.