Navajeevan Education and welfare society (NEWS)

Navajeevan Education and welfare society (NEWS) ia a registered non Government, Non profit, Voluntary social action group for education and socio economic development of the children, their parents and the community where they live. It was registration under the Tamilnadu society Registration Act 27 of 1975 on 08.06.1989 in viruthunagar District, Tamilnadu, South India.
SCNIC formed children groups in the 40 adopted villages of sivakasi block compressing of BOYS -707 GIRLS- 566 Total children - 1267


1999-2001 In initial stages society’s activities centered on arranging tution centre for the school going children in Madurai, SivaKasi areas. To children were given evening free coaching in sivakasi in 1999. Balwadi schools were established in sivakasi and Madurai to nurture the kids in a disclined of Madurai and sivakasi were provided with free uniforms, and school Fees.


A new firm step was taken by NEWS on 2001. SCNIC was formed to eradicate CHILD LABOUR in sivakasi BLOCK, being supportaed by Action Aid, Chennai 2001- 2011.
Also the project aimed at education the child labor and rehabilitate them.

NEWS started working towards vision in three stages

Pre school establishment in Madurai, Sivakasi, Ramnad Dt- Kannirajapuram, to include an edgerness attachment to education amoung children.

Supplementary schools to avoid school dropouts amoung the school going children.

Erecting CREATIVE EDUCATION CENTRE to develop creative skills and culture talents that are already in built in the children.